26 June 2009 – 30 September 2009
Inaugural Exhibition for JeJu Museum of Art

The exhibition created a unique environment to create new forms of work by the artists at the forefront of contemporary art, on a scale never experienced in Jeju Island. Both regional and international audiences will have the opportunity to discover exceptional works by leading contemporary artists, but also equally inspirational young emerging artists, who will explore the convergence of the authentic cultural code of Jeju Island, demonstrated in contemporary scenarios.

SU:MBISORI is a dialect of Jeju Island, which describes the sound of exhaling by Jeju female divers, called [haenyeo]. These women would dive deep underwater with no modern equipment, and were an important part of the cultural life of the island, a cultural symbol of the province. This cathartic exhaling of the haenyeo, is simultaneously linking the islands gifted environmental resources – water, light and wind and forming a metaphor of our daily lives in contemporary society. ‘

Participant Artists: Al-Homoud, Lulwah (Saudi Arabia), Ahn Byeongseok (Korea), Baik Gwangik( Korea), Bu Jihyeon (Korea), Cha Kiyoul (Korea), Choe U ram (Korea), Chun Sungmyung (Korea), Oleg Dou (Russia), Hakima El Djoudi (France) Bernd Halbherr (Germany), Han Kichang (Korea), Hung Tung-lu (Taiwan), Theo Jansen (Netherlands), Jun Gayoung (Korea), Kang Yobae (Korea), Kim Byougho (Korea), Kim Juyon (Korea), Kim Kichul (Korea), Kim Soonim (Korea), Ko Young hoon; (Korea), Koh Sankeum (Korea), Wolfgang Laib (Germany), Lee Beikyoung (Korea), Lee Jae-hyo (Korea), Lee Minho (Korea), Lee Sungeun (Korea), lillil (Korea), Moon Chang bae (Korea), Onishi Yasuaki (Japan), Seo Sungbong (Korea), Yinka Shonibare MBE (UK), Song Dong (China), Matthew Stone (UK), James Turrell (USA), Bill Viola (USA), Tom Wilkinson (UK).

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