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NABATT: A Sense of Being

11 September – 31 October 2010
Shanghai World EXPO – Contemporary Art Exhibition from Saudi Arabia

Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art
No. 27 Duolun Road, Shanghai

‘NABATT: a sense of being’ was the exhibition which presented the contemporary scene of contemporary art in Saudi Arabia and it’s the official cultural project of Saudi Arabian Pavilion of the Shanghai World EXPO 2010.

The exhibition featured over 130 works by 23 Saudi Arabian artists. These works involved visual arts, music and literature, each of them being a catalyst speeding up the creative movement among Saudi artists. The diversity of media creates an intriguing crossover that illustrates the vivid cultural engagement within the Saudi art scene.

The word Nabatt has different meanings. Two of them, “extracting water from the ground” and “to obtain the sense of one word from another word”, clearly establish its folkloric and literary values. However, the origin of the word is still debated among scholars. A theory is that it originated from the Nabateans who were the first ancestors of Arabs. Another theory sees it deriving from the 16th Century Nabatti poetry, which is considered the richest form of popular Arabic literature.

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