Presenting Contemporary Korean Art on the Global Stage

ART14 – VIP Talk Programme
Hosted by Hanmi Gallery, Encounter Fine Art and Sketch, London.
Chaired by Jordan Harris & Alexander Caspari, Encounter Fine Art.


‘Our History In Contemporary Korean Art’
Dr. Charlotte Horlyck, Lecturer in the History of Korean Art, SOAS, University of London.

‘Socio-Cultural Site-Specific Contemporary Art Practice’
JW Stella, Director of JW STELLA Arts Collectives, Associate curator of Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art, China.

‘Energy and Circulation: the works of Sungfeel Yun’
Heashin Kwak, Director, Hanmi Gallery, London • Seoul

‘The Contemporary Korean Art Market’
Dr. Iain Robertson, Head of Art Business Studies, Sotheby’s Institute of Art London


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